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Pradosh Vrat Benefits - Shiva Pradosham

Pradosh Vrat, or Pradhosham, is an important fasting day dedicated to Lord Shiva. Pradosha occurs twice in a month – on the 13th day (Trayodashi). Pradosh Vrat benefits are:

The importance of Pradosh Vrat in Kali Yuga was narrated by Shiva to Sati. This was later shared by Sage Vyasa to Maharishi Suta. Rishi Suta shared it with Sanakadi Rishis for the benefits of all living beings in the universe.
  • The most important benefit of the vrat is that it helps in overcoming all forms of defects and negativities in life.
  • In Kali Yuga (the present age), Pradosh Vrat helps in achieving dharm, ardh, kam and moksha - the four purushartas in Hinduism.
  • Peace and prosperity
  • Early marriage – desired marriage.
  • It helps in fulfillment of romance, love and marriage
  • Liberation or Moksha
  • Self realization.
  • Shedding of ignorance.
  • Victory over enemies.
  • To overcome bad luck.
  • To solve property related disputes.
Please note that all vrat benefits happen when we follow Dharma and our desires do not hurt another person.

The greatness of Pradosh Vrat is mentioned in the Shiva Purana and Skanda Purana.

How to do or observe Pradosham or Pradosh Vrat dedicated to Shiva?