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Mumbadevi – About Goddess Mumbadevi

Goddess Mumbadevi is a manifestation of Mother Goddess Shakti and is the guardian deity of Mumbai area. Scholars are of the view that Goddess Mumbai Devi is Goddess Amba – Maha Amba became Mumbai. – Aai means mother in Marathi.

Mumbadevi is the patron deity of fishermen and salt collectors of the area.

The most famous temple dedicated to Mumbadevi is located at the Bhuleshwar area of Mumbai – north end of Zaveri Bazaar. The original temple was relocated a couple of times.

The murti of Mumbadevi is is depicted as sitting atop a Lion. The murti of Goddess is draped in Sari and she wears an ornamental head gear. On the side of Her there is a murti of Goddess Annapurna sitting on a peacock.

Legend has it that the present day area of Mumbai was terrorized by a demon named Mumbaraka – he had got the boon of invincibility from Brahma. Human beings were killed and eaten by the demon.

To escape from the demon, people offered prayers to Vishnu and Shiva. After intense austerities Shiva and Vishnu appeared before them and to get rid of the demon an eight-armed Goddess appeared from them – they gave their Tejas to give form to the Goddess.

She then killed the demon and saved the area and people. People then asked the Goddess to reside in the area and protect them. She was given the name Mumbadevi.