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Brahman In Hinduism – What Is The Meaning Of The Word Brahman?

Brahman is the word used to refer to God in the Upanishads. Have you ever wondered what the meaning of the word Brahman in Hinduism is?

In Sanskrit, ‘Brah’ means to expand and ‘Mann’ is mind. Brahman means ‘to expand your mind.’


What is Brahman? One with true knowledge will remain silent to the question. Brahman cannot be defined in words; neither can it be capture in a painting. It cannot be defined.

But Brahman can be experienced.

To experience Brahman we need to expand our mind. We need to drop all narrow thoughts. We need to prepare our mind to capture and understand that, which has no beginning and end. The mind has to be fertile enough to know that, which is beyond birth and death.