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Importance of Daily Food Offering in Hinduism – Bhog or Prasad to Hindu Deities at Home?

Offering daily bhog, or Prasad, to Hindu deities at home is an auspicious act. The daily offering of food to deities worshipped at home helps in getting the blessing of Goddess Annapurna and Goddess Lakshmi. The food need not be an elaborate preparation; it can be a fruit or a small piece sweet. What matter is that the offering is made with devotion.

Two important pictures, or idols, of Hindu gods that is found in many Hindu home is of Ladoo Gopal and another is of Sri Krishna eating butter.

Anything that is offered with devotion is accepted by God and rewarded.

It must be remembered here that Lord Krishna is happy with anything that is offered to him in true devotion. Krishna was happy with sweat drenched beaten rice offered by Kuchela or Sudama. He was happy with the last leaf left in Draupadi’s Akshaya Patra. He was content with the gruel in Vidura’s (Dhritarashtra’s minister in Mahabharata) home.

When food is offered daily to the deity worshiped in home, Goddess Annapurna and Goddess Lakshmi will never leave such a home. That home will always be prosperous. There will not be shortage of wealth and food.

The food offering should be clean and it should be kept only until the puja is completed. It should be consumed by the devotee and his family members.

Keeping murti, or idol, of Ladoo Gopal in home helps in begetting healthy children who will follow Dharma.

Keeping Bal Gopal, Radha Krishna, Ganesha etc are considered auspicious for homes.

Keeping a painting of little Krishna eating butter in the dining area is considered favorable to the residents of the home.

Keeping Laddoo Gopal on the west or east wall of the bedroom is good for those couple looking to have children.

Shiva should be offered white color food; Vishnu yellow color food; Ganesha modak, Sri Krishna butter, banana to Hanuman, Ram and Mata Sita should be offered fruits or yellow color fruits and Mother Goddess should be offered white color food.

On important occasions in the family like birthday, marriage etc one should perform Annadanam, or food donation. Feeding hungry animals is also meritorious.

Wasting food is a big sin and it should not be encouraged. Only that much food, necessary to suffice one’s hunger should be taken.