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Shani Dev Wife Mantra - Chanting of Names of Wife of Shani to Get His Blessings

Numerous mantras can be chanted to get the blessings of Shani Dev. The most famous among them is Shani Dev Wife Mantra. It is a shloka containing the different names of the wife of Shani Dev. The belief is that chanting the mantra will help in calming the bad effects of Shani.

The mantra is:
ध्वजिनी धामिनी चैव कंकाली कलहप्रिया।
कंटकी कलही चाऽथ तुरंगी
महिषी अजा।
शनेर्नामानि पत्नीनामेतानि
संजयपन् पुमान्।
दुखानि नाशयेन्नित्यं सौभाग्यमेधते सुखम्।।

The wife of Shani gets pleased after chanting the mantra. As a result, Shani is pacified and he takes away all the troubles of the devotee.

The mantra can be chanted on all days.