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If Mangal is Causing Problems in Your Kundali – Then Do the Following Rituals to Find Relief

Mangal, or Mars, is a Navgraha in Hindu astrology. If it is causing problems in your Kundali or horoscope, then do the following rituals to find relief.

When there is Angarak yog, that is when it is Chaturthi tithi on Tuesday, perform fast and do annadanam, or food donation. Offer prayers on the day in Ganesh temple and at a Hanuman temple.

For seven Tuesdays, throw small amount of rice into river. Feeding fishes on the day earns merit.
Keep a red color cloth always with you. Like a red color handkerchief. This helps in pacifying Mangal dosh.

Watering plants daily is considered a best way to get rid of all problems related to Mangal in horscope.

Feeding poor children with milk, curd, rice and kheer on Tuesday is meritorious.

Offer Laddoo to Hanuman temple as Prasad and distribute it later. The person making the offering should not eat it.

Donating milk, rice and jaggery to temples is helpful in mitigating the bad effects of Mangal.

The mantra to be chanted on Tuesday is अं अंगारकाय नमः  It should be chanted 108 times in the morning or evening.