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Name of Wife of Shani Bhagavan

Name of wife of Shani Bhagavan is found in the Brahma Purana. She was the daughter of Chitrarath. The curse of his wife is reason behind Shani Dhrishti or the brutal vision of Shani.

There is no single name of Shani’s wife. The most popular name is Nila. She has numerous names and it is found in a Shloka –

Her names are
  • Dhwajini
  • Damini
  • Chaiv
  • Kankali
  • Kalahpriya
  • Kantaki
  • Kalahi
  • Chath
  • Surangi
  • Mahishi and
  • Aja
Shani has only one wife but she is known by numerous names. The most widely accepted name is Nila. They have a son named Gulikan.