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Simple Solutions to Financial and Relationship Problems in Life as Per Hindu Beliefs

The practical and simple solution to financial and relationship problems in life is to keep out jealousy, desire, hatred, ego, attachment, and greed. But this is not possible for many of us so there are some simple rituals in Hindu religion. Please note that these solutions are based on local knowledge and are not based on Hindu scriptures. These are beliefs and practices followed in a particular region or by a particular community.

Take a pot or vessel and fill it with water. Put some Lal Chandan – red color sandalwood – in it. This vessel filled with water should be kept near the head while sleeping at night. Next day morning the water should be poured under a Tulsi plant. The problems will be solved slowly and steadily.

The ritual should be performed for 41 days.

To overcome financial troubles keep a red color cloth in your safe and money purse.

Offering a small amount of milk to Shivling and distributing the rest to the poor solves everyday problems.

Similarly, offering a small amount to honey and then distributing it to the poor solves relationship related problems.

Taps in the house should not be leaking. The dripping of water is considered inauspicious.

Milk, tea, and coffee should not boil over. This is also considered bad.

You might be already aware that Goddess Lakshmi does not live in unclean places, so keep your house neat and tidy to get Her blessings.