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Where To Place Aquarium In A Hindu Home? - Why Ancient Hindus Did Not Keep Fishes As Pets?

The aquarium is an alien concept to Hinduism. Followers of Hindu religion did not keep fishes as pets in aquarium – freshwater or marine. Today, Aquarium is part of many Hindu homes. There are some publications, which suggest as to where to place an aquarium in a Hindu Home? This is mostly borrowed from Feng Shui and other eastern concepts.

The concept of Aquarium was not in vogue in ancient India mainly because fishes were found abundantly in rivers, lakes, and ponds. Stories of people visiting underworld and seeing various types of fishes are mentioned.

The concept of having a fishpond in the home (like in Iran or China) is unheard in ancient India. Hindus had wells and temple ponds. They were mainly used for daily purposes and worship.

Fishes were not part of wells but temple ponds were full of fishes but Hindus never caught them. They were worshiped mainly because the first avatar of Vishnu was Matsya or Fish.

The story of Matsya Avatar gives an indication as to why Hindus did not keep fish as pets.
Just before the end of the previous cycle of creation, Matsya, a tiny fish, swam into the hands of a pious man and asked him to save it from a big fish. The pious man took the fish home and placed it in a small pot. The fish kept on increasing its size. It was then transferred from the small pot to a big vessel; from it to a well, from well to a pond, from pond to a lake, from lake to the river; and finally it was transferred to the ocean but it still kept growing. 

How to place Aquarium in a Hindu Home?

There should be eight colorful fishes and one black fish in the Aquarium.

The aquarium should be placed in the north or in the northwest corner of the house or shops or business establishments.

If a fish dies, then it has to be replaced immediately with another one.