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Pregnant Women Should Have These in Room as Per Hindu Beliefs for Good Health of Mother and Baby

As per Hindu beliefs, for good health of the mother and baby, pregnant women should have these in her room. Here are ten tips for pregnant women and family members to make an ideal environment as per Hindu religious beliefs for baby and mother.

  1. A picture of Bal Gopal with Mata Yashoda is believed to help in creating the right spiritual and positive mood for the mother and baby.
  2. Picture of Sri Krishna eating butter is another good option in the room.
  3. Keeping peacock feather in the room is considered auspicious.
  4. Keeping yellow uncooked rice – rice mixed with turmeric – is considered mangal (auspicious). It helps in removing all forms of negative energy. It helps in protecting the baby.
  5. Walls of the bedroom should be rose or white in color. It ushers in happiness and improves spirituality. Keeping fresh flowers is a good way of keeping out negative energy and thoughts.
  6. Keep a picture of Ganesha if there is Vastu Dosh in the room.
  7. Always keep the room neat and clean, as it will help in having the blessing of Goddess Lakshmi.
  8. To have positive energy in the room, keep copper vessels.
  9. Listen to Santana Gopala Mantra or easily understandable bhajans. Chanting ‘Om Namo Vasudevaya’ whenever possible is considered highly beneficial. 
  10. Read stories of Little Krishna from Srimad Bhagavad Purana and Harivamsha.