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Saranagati Gadya Of Sri Ramanujacharya

Saranagati Gadya is an important work of Ramanujacharya. It is in the form of a conversation between Ramanuja and Goddess Lakshmi and then between him and Bhagavan Narayana (Vishnu) at Srirangam.

Bhakti and prapatti (surrender) are the two means of attaining liberation, according to Ramanuja Acharya. Bhakti calls for single-minded devotion by a devotee throughout his life by performing various rituals and pious activities. Prapatti implies an absolute surrender to the Almighty.

This gadya is an exposition of the dvaya mantra, which comprises the upaya (the means) and the upeya (the goal). The upaya to be employed is total surrender to the almighty.

Helping his devotees by being omniscient and omnipresent, Bhagavan instills fearlessness in his devotees. In this context, Ramanuja extols twelve such qualities and also mentions three more – courage, strength and firmness – by which He attacks the foes of his devotees. The acharya then describes the adornments, weapons, the consorts of Bhagavan Vishnu – Bhudevi and Nila Devi – his attendants, and his abode, Vaikunta. He seeks compassion of Bhagavan Vishnu to qualify him for attaining knowledge. He appeals to the Supreme to endow him with parabhakti, parajnana and paramabhakti.

Acharya describes the nature of the individual self which constantly strives to attain true knowledge. In response, Bhagavan answers that on attaining the true knowledge, one would have the privilege of constantly serving Him.