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Ramayana Focuses On Rama Among Humans – Divine And Relationships

Bhagavan Rama of Ramayana has shed all his divinity and settles among humans. He goes through all trial and tribulations of relationships. Bhagvan Rama is a son, brother, husband, friend and father. He does not use any of his divine powers to solve his problems. He goes through all the problems he faces in his life like an ordinary mortal.

Rama tries to set an example for an ideal human being – an ideal son, an ideal brother, an ideal husband, an ideal friend and an ideal father. And above all he was an ideal king – administrator. If we did not understand him and are debating on his actions that is our bad luck.

When he was asked to go on exile by his father, Rama had the power to single handedly take over the kingdom of Ayodhya. Perhaps, Dasharatha, his father, might have wished that his powerful son used his strength to imprison him and take over the kingdom. But Rama did not do behave in the manner in which many modern day human beings behave. Rama obeyed the orders of his father and went for a 14 year exile.

Instead of holding a grudge or harboring anger, bitterness, resentment, or other negative feelings and hatred, Rama forgave Kaikeyi, who was responsible for his exile. He did not misunderstand his brother Bharata. Two of the greatest problems of modern day humans are carrying grudges forever and prejudice and misunderstanding.

Ramayana thus removes the divine out of Rama and puts him amidst family, society and relationships. Each actions of Rama are an example for human being who is daily tested in his relationships. Sweetness and selflessness in human relationships are brought out through the actions of the main characters in Ramayana. 

Ramayana is not all about Rama, Hanuman, Ravana, demons, fights and magic. There is much to Ramayana. There is so much to learn. It contains universal teachings. Hindu scriptures should not be simply read for its holiness or stories; we need to look deep into the symbolism. We need to focus on the deep meaning that is hidden.