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Iratta Kuttichathan Theyyam – Story – Information

Iratta Kuttichathan theyyam is a rare twin theyyam performed during the annual thira theyyam kaliyattam festival in Kasaragod region of Kerala. As per information, these are two powerful theyyams capable of causing havoc and destruction. As per Iratta Kuttichathan story, they were born to Shiva and Goddess Parvati who took the form of Valluvan and Valluvathi. They were highly intelligent and powerful but did not follow the rules of society. They did black magic to help and kill people. They changed forms and sometimes became invisible to harass living beings. They were finally caught and cut into numerous pieces and offered in a yajna. But thousands of kuttichathans appeared from the pieces and they created havoc in the region. To satisfy them and to get rid of them people gave them a place in their worship places and also started performing their kolams.

Iratta Kuttichathan is worshipped for desire fulfillment. They are also worshipped to retrieve lost items and to get back stolen articles. They are also invoked to defeat enemies and to get supernatural powers. The twins are very difficult to control and are usually invoked by adept tantrics.

Iratta Kuttichathan Theyyam is performed at the Kanhangad Pullur Vaarikkattillam Arayaltharaykal Sree Vishnumurthy temple.