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Dreaming Of Broken Wardrobe – Meaning

Dreaming of broken wardrobe is a bad omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means divorce or end of a relationship. It also means anger causing damage to health and property. It is a sign that you will have to face some tense situations in near future. Dreams of a broken wardrobe when you are far away from are a sign of theft at home or loss of wealth.

Dream of broken wardrobe and the wardrobe is unknown means you will simply fear about losing something. It also means lack of confidence in people and unwanted suspicion.

Dreaming of broken wardrobe and you see blood or no clothes means physical altercation with unknown people. It also means having to deal with scary things.

Dream of broken wardrobe and you are seen hunting or searching means reptiles or animals in an important place in your home. It also means lack of cleanliness causing problems.