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Mavilakkavu Temple – Story – Adi Utsavam

Mavilakkavu Temple is located at Mavilayi on Kannur – Kuthuparamba road (around 14 km from Kannur) in Kannur district, Kerala. The main deity worshiped in the temple is Daivathar – Sastha Sankalpam.

Mavilakkavu Temple Story

As per local belief, there are four deities who are brothers and they are worshipped at Andaloor Kavu, Mavilakkavu, Paduvilakkavu and Kappad. The deity worshipped at Mavila Kavu does not have tongue and therefore the deity cannot speak.

It is said that once all the four deities decided to see the nearby places. After traveling for few hours all of them felt thirsty. They could not find any fresh water source. Finally, they came across a pit used to soak coconut husk for making coir. They drank water from the pit and Kappad Daivathar asked others not to tell about it to anyone especially Devaganas.

But Mavilakkavu Daivathar disobeyed the order. An angry Kappad Daivathar plucked out the tongue of Mavilakkavu Daivathar and he lost the ability to speak.

Another version has it that Mavilakkavu deity told Kappad Daivathar that he cannot lie about drinking unfit water from the pit. To make sure Mavilakkavu Daivathar did not say the truth, Kappad Daviathar cut off the tongue of Mavilakkavu deity

Mavilakkavu Temple Adi Utsavam

The annual festival in the temple is known as Adi Utsavam and is held from Medam 2 to Madam 4 (April 15 to April 17). Another ritual held here is Avilkoodu Eriyal.

Adi means to hit or beat and in the festival people literally beat each other. Men, after observing purification of the mind and body, sit on the shoulders of healthy youngsters and hit each other. Large crowd support their men by shouting and cheering for each blow. 

The Adi is held as an offering to the presiding deity.

The first day of the festival is noted for Thidambu Nirtham. Kalamezhuthum Pattu and Theyyam of Daivathaar and Vettakkorumakan are part of the festival. The festival ends with the mudi ceremony, in which a devotee, after observing abstinence for several days, dance in trance wearing the huge headgear and enthralls the audience.