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Lalji Tulasi Das – Great Saint Of Pushtimargi Vaishnava School

Lalji Tulasi Das was a great saint of Pushtimarg Vaishnava school. He was born in 1551 CE at Sewan village of Larkana District of Sindh (now in Pakistan). Lalji Tulsidas belonged to a Bali (Mohyal) Brahmin family and his forefathers were great devotees of Bhagavan Sri Krishna. Lalji Tulsi Das is counted among 252 Vaishnavite devotees of Goswami Vitthalnath (son of Goswami Vallabhacharya, founder of the Pushtimarg).

From his early childhood, Lalji was devoted to Bhagavan Sri Krishna and, unlike other boys, lost himself for hours in deep meditation. Once his father Ajuji had to go somewhere for some days, so he deputed Lalji to serve and worship ‘Nagarji’ (an image of Sri Krishna, the family deity). It is said that Lalji wanted Bhagavan Sri Krishna Himself to accept the offerings. Thus he waited for the Bhagavan to come, and four days passed without him eating anything. Impressed by the firm will and determination of Lalji, Bhagavan Sri Krishna gave darshan to Laji and took his offerings. When Ajuji (father of Lalji) returned from the journey and was told about the incident, his joy knew no bounds. Ajuji decided to offer his son (Lalji) in the service of his Guru Vitthal Nath (the great son of Mahaprabhu Vallabhacharya).

There is another story connected with Lalji. Once Bhagwan Gopinath himself (Sri Krishna) appeared before Lalji as a child and demanded some water from the Yamuna. Impressed by the divine beauty of the child, Lalji gave him water. Accepting it, Bhagavan poured it on the shoulder of Lalji, which had sores because he had been carrying water from Yamuna regularly on his shoulder. Gopinath, the great physician of the cosmos, healed the sores of his devotee.

A great temple of Gopinathji was built in Dera Ghazi Khan (now in Pakistan) under his guidance. Lalji wrote a commentary on the tenth chapter of the Sri Bhagavata Purana.

Lalji breathed his last in Vrindavan at the lotus feet of Bhagavan Sri Krishna in 1623 CE.