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Pannipakam Shiva Temple – Information

Pannipakam Shiva temple, also known as Pannipagam Mahadevar temple or Pannipaham Shivan temple, is located at Pannipakam in Kanyakumari district, Tamil Nadu. The shivling pratishta in the temple is believed to be that of Keeratamurti form of Shiva.

The temple is one among the 12 temples to which devotees perform Shivalaya Ottam on the Mahashivratri day.

The darshanam of Pannipakam Shiva temple is towards east. Nandi pratishta is in front of the sreekovil.

The pratishta of Goddess Devi is outside the sreekovil. Bhairava murti is worshipped on the north side of the temple. There is also a special place for black dog, the vahana of Bhairava. Ganapati is worshipped on the southwest corner.

Two Brahmarakshas are worshipped in the temple complex. There is also a Sasta pratishta inside the nalambalam. There is also a sankalpam of Muruga in the temples.

Ashta Naga worship is conducted in a small shrine on the northwest corner of the temple.

Mahashivratri is of great importance here. Special pujas are held on Mondays. Pradosham in a fortnight is of great significance.