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Unique Hindu Gods And Goddess Of Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is famous for the sheer number and variety of Hindu Gods and Goddess both major and minor. All these unique Goddesses are manifestations of Vishnu, Shiva and Mother Goddess Shakti. Most of the Gods and Goddesses are also the manifestations of the various aspects of nature. The deities symbolically teaches devotees to worship and respect various aspect of nature. It is also asking indirectly people to leave certain aspects of nature untouched.

Some of the unique gods and goddess of Himachal Pradesh include:

  • Phugnis – who control the rains
  • Jognis – Gods of the four directions
  • Siya or Pujarli – the deity of crops
  • Bihmata – the caretaker of the newborn
  • Nauni Devis – the goddesses of milk, butter and ghee