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It Is Easy To Blame Religion for All Kind of Strife

We get to hear statements like religions have killed more people than any other cause in the history of the humanity. But who is really to blame human beings or religion. Even if there were no religion, human beings would have found some other reason to create strife. Countries that do not practice religion kill people in the name of ideology.

No religion teaches hatred. Similarly, for a person to be peaceful there is no need for a religion.

All strife is created in the mind of human beings. Religion only teaches a man to keep the mind in control.

Selfish and evil-minded men are just using religion to make wealth and for political gain. Such people will always be there in the society and they will always find some means to spread evil.

Therefore, it is not right to blame religion for all that is bad in the world.

Never ending desires, hatred, intolerance, greed, lust and power in humans are responsible for strife in the world.