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Dreaming Of Alligators – Meaning

Dreaming of alligators is considered good as per those who believe in dream interpretation and meaning. Simply seeing alligators in dream means you will be blessed with a desire fulfillment. There will be peace and happiness in life. But you will also need to go through some hardships to get to the desires.

Dream of alligators eating is a sign that you will be blessed with money or property.

Dream of capturing alligator or it in a trap is a sign that you will have to show courage to get what you want. It is warning to shed lethargy and to act for what you want.

Dream of dead or injured alligator is problems in life from other people especially colleagues or friends.

Dreaming of sleeping alligator is a sign of peace in life.

Dream of alligator hunting or eating anther animal is a warning for you to stay away from the lives of other people. It is also means not to take any kind of risks with other people including financial and emotional.

Dream of alligators chasing you or attacking you is a sign of upcoming enemy trouble. Jealous people will be creating severe problems in your life.