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Do Not Touch Them If You Find Them Abandoned As Per Hinduism

There are certain things that carry negative energy. They should not be touched. These are few things as per Hinduism that should be completely avoided if you find them on the road.

  • Materials related to tantra, puja and homams. They should not be touched even if they contain valuables. This includes pictures and murtis of gods and goddesses. Puja items including fruits, onion, chillies, lemon and coconut should not be touched. Coins and other such valuables should not be taken from them.
  • Body parts of animals and birds. You need to close your nose and walk away from them.
  • Hair of both humans and animals should not be touched. You should walk away from such things. Similarly, bones of animals should not be touched.
  • Water. Do not step on water on road and other public places. Try to avoid them as far as possible.
  • Ash and coal should not be stepped on while walking on the road.
  • Similarly, one should not touch clothes found on road. Even if they are good, it should not be touched.
  • Excretion of animals, human beings and birds should not be touched.
  • While walking one should always be careful about things that lie on the road or ground. 
  • Lockets, tavis, gold plated items, statues etc are purposefully left by people to transfer the negative forces. One should not touch them.
  • Discarded murtis of Gods and Goddesses should not be touched or taken.
  • Coconut offered to Ganesha and other deities by other people should not taken. Only the person who offered it has the right to take it and use or dispose it off.