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Behangamani Story – Founder Of Pal Dynasty Of Kullu – Himachal Pradesh

 The history of Kullu and Mandi is laced with human heroism propelled by divine intervention, miracles and act of faith – for example, the story of Behangamani who founded the Pal Dynasty of Kullu. A brave adventurer from the plains, Behangamani fought the Thakurs and Ranas of the Parvati valley, but was force do retreat to Jagatsukh. Here, a passing Brahmin saw signs of greatness in the future king and prophesied that Behangamani would soon rule over this land brewing with discontent against local chiefs.

So, Behangamani set out for the Jajoli Jatra, a religious fair. On the way, he encountered a bend old woman, whom he carried on his back. As they approached the fair, the old woman climbed down and ordered Behangamani to ride on her back, revealing herself as the powerful Goddess Hadimba Devi.

Behangamani rode into the fair, and cries of Jaideva greeted his arrival. As fate would have it, a revolt against the Ranas and Thakurs broke out; Behangamani was acknowledged as leader and with victory, as king.