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Dreaming Of Applying Kumkum – Meaning - Kumkum On Forehead Dream

Dreaming of applying kumkum is good as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream is associated with happiness, desire fulfillment and also return of someone near and dear. Dreams of kumkum on forehead mean peace and prosperity and auspiciousness. It also means you will strength.

Dreaming of somebody applying kumkum means you will be able to find success in new and difficult places.

Dreaming of family members or friends applying kumkum with you means you will soon have a colorful and happy life. You will be going to new places.

Dream of applying kumkum and it going wrong is as a kind of warning. Your enemies will be very active and they will cause some damage.

Dreaming of lots of people applying kumkum together is a sign of happiness. It means family get together. It also means birth of children in family.

Dreaming of kumkum changing color is a sign of health issues in future especially mental health issues like depression, sadness and loneliness.