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Dreaming Of Alcohol – Drinking Meaning - Alcohol Bottles

Dreaming of alcohol is a bad sign as per dream interpretation and meaning. It means that soon you will be doing weird things under the influence of alcohol or other similar substances and this will result in bad reputation and problems with police. Dream of alcohol bottles is a sign of loss of property or money through bad habits of yours.

Dreaming of you sitting down and drinking lot of alcohol is a sign of turbulent days ahead especially in matters of relationship.

Dream of you singing or dancing or being happy after drinking alcohol means success but the success will take you down the wrong path. So when you achieve something limit your celebration and thank god and people who helped in achieving it.

Dreaming of alcohol and you vomiting means you might break or will have to give up something that you valued most.

Dreaming of crying or doing some kinds of activities after drinking alcohol means you will be emotionally disturbed by an event. The dream is a sign for you to prepare mentally to face something really bad.

Dreaming of falling down in public place after drinking alcohol means you will face accidents. It also means enemy activity will increase or people will try to hurt you intentionally.