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Do Not Be Proud And Arrogant About Present Status - Story

A valuable lesson on do not to be proud and arrogant about present status through the story of a beggar and young man.

A beggar lived in a particular street through which a young man passed daily. The beggar was in such a bad condition that he could not walk properly and the rib bones could be counted. Despite of his bad condition, he used to keep begging in the name of God.

The young man used to wonder, why the man was begging in the name of God. Why is he not asking God to bless him with early death?

The young man one day asked the beggar as to why he does not ask God to put an end to his life.

The beggar then told the young man that he had asked God several times to put an end to his suffering. But it did not happen.

But then he realized that God wanted him to live on the street. So that people will realize that, the he was once like them. And they too can in future fall into such a pathetic state.

Therefore, no one should be proud and arrogant about their present status. One can fall into a wretched state in the blink of an eye.