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Peruvanmala – Perumala Shiva Temple – Facts – Unique Well

Perumala Shiva Temple, also known as Peruvanmala Shiva Kshetram, is located near Kechery in Thrissur district, Kerala. The temple is located atop Perumala hill at Thalakkottukara. The shrine is one among the 108 Shiva temples in Kerala. The annual Shivratri festival is of great importance in the temple. 

The sreekovil of the temple is constructed using granite. The darshanam of Peruvanmala Shiva is towards east. The Upa Devata worshiped in the temple is Ganapathy. The sreekovil is two tier.

Only a single puja is held in the temple. There is well atop the hill which does not go dry even during summer. The well is nearly 26 meter in depth. The width of the well is same in top and bottom. The well is a classical example of the heights of architecture reached in ancient Kerala.

Famous poet of Kerala Vallathol had mentioned about the temple and deity worshipped.

As per history, the temple was renovated by Manakkulam Kingdom. The temple later came under the possession of Thalakkottukara Kuyilithe.