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Avoid Fault Finding – It Hampers Spiritual Progress

Our relationship with people around us is an indicator, which reveals if we are slipping down the spiritual path and hampering our spiritual progress.

In her final message to the world, which is the gist of Vedanta, Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi (wife of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa) tells us not to see the faults of anyone, because the whole world is our own.

When we tend to see others’ faults more than our own, and also remember to point them out more often than owning our own, we surely are slipping down the path.'

The nature and character of a person is known by what he/she speaks about others. Truly, it is the ‘unripe ego’ which indulges in fault-finding and slandering.

When asked how to know if we are progressing towards Bhagavan or not, Swami Turiyananda answered, ‘One can know it oneself. Others also can know it. All his passions, lust, anger, and greed will wane, his attachment for the objects of the senses will diminish, and he will have peace at heart.’

Source – Vedanta Kesari September 2017