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The importance of Kirtan or Nama Gana as per Bhagavad Purana

Kirtan is the second stage in Navadha Bhakti, the traditionally prescribed nine forms of devotion in Srimad Bhagavad Purana (VII 5.23). It is also known as Nama Gana. Kirtan is an act of singing, chanting, dancing or speaking in praise of god, incarnations or holy persons, to the accompaniment of harmonium, flute, conch shell, stringed or percussion instruments and like. Source – Bhavan’s Journal December 2016 issue – page 23 – article titled ‘ Kirtan brings one closer to the Supreme Being ’ by Dr. Satish K. Kapoor.

Teaching On Chanting God’s Name In Hinduism

A small but highly effective teaching on chanting of God's name in Hinduism. O King, The singing of God’s glories alone will remove the fear of worldliness in the yog, the person on the path of knowledge, the individual practicing the path of action and the devotee. Through the glorification of God’s name alone does the aspirant attain all benevolent fruits. The greatest practice now is singing the glories of Govinda’s name; do that and you will attain everything. Sukadeva to King Parikshit Some thoughts on Difference Between Bhakti And Vedanta Among the ingredients necessary for liberation, devotion alone is the most important. Constant attempt to live up to one’s Real nature is designated as Bhakti. “Bhakti is a constant and consistent effort to raise the ego-centre from its welter of false values to the memory and dignity of Self-hood” – Swami Chinmayananda. A simple example may help to understand this difference Vedanta and Bhakti. If one wants to buy a car, there ar