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Bargad Puja – Savitri Puja

Bargad Puja is observed on the Amavasya day in Jyeshta month as per traditional Hindu calendar followed in North India. It is also known as Savitri Puja and Vat Amavasya Puja. It is observed for the long life of husband and also for peace and prosperity in the family. In 2023, Bargad Puja date is May 19.

The main rituals involve tying cotton thread on Banyan tree. While tying the thread, women sing songs based on the famous Satyavan – Savitri episode in the Mahabharat.

A fast is observed on the day from sunrise to sighting of moon or evening puja.

During the period of Mahabharata, Savitri, lost her husband as destined, one year after her marriage, near a banyan tree. She followed Yama to the land of the dead and through determination and intelligence managed to secure back her husband's life. In memory of that event, women go around the banyan trees, tying strings to it.

The puja also observed on Jyeshta Purnima day and is known as Vat Purnima. This date is more popular in western parts of India.