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10 Tips to Get the Blessings of Surya Bhagavan in Hinduism

Sunday, Ravivar, is considered the ideal day to worship in Hinduism. Surya is the ruler of the Navgrahas or nine planets in Hindu astrology. Worship of sun helps in alleviating numerous problems in life. When the position of sun is ideal in a horoscope, the person will attain high position and he will gain respect in society.

When sun is in a favorable position in the horoscope, a person will get relief from various diseases.

  1. When the sun is in an unfavorable position, the person will face several difficulties including financial, emotional, job and heath related.
  2. Making roti, or chapati, out of wheat and jaggery and offering it to Vishnu and Surya on Sunday helps in overcoming difficulties. A roti should be eaten by the devotee as Prasad. Rest of the rotis should be distributed among poor people.
  3. Making besan laddoo and offering it to Surya Bhagavan is considered highly meritorious.
  4. Another offering that is made to Sun god on Sunday is Barfi.
  5. Avoiding salt on Sunday is seen as a form of fasting and this helps in achieving good health, peace and prosperity.
  6. Eating jaggery on Sunday earns merit.
  7. Another offering to sun is kheer made of jaggery. It should be offered to Surya, then eaten by the devotee and shared with friends and family members.
  8. For attaining wealth, make roti using jaggery and sugar and offer it to dogs.
  9. Collect water in a copper glass on Saturday night. Get up early morning on Sunday and drink the water. It is believed that this will help in overcoming diseases.
  10. Distributing Rajma among poor people on Sunday is highly beneficial. It helps in getting good partner in life.