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Harihar Temple near Chitradurga – Harihareshvara Temple at Harihar in Karnataka

Harihar Temple is located in Harihar town near Chitradurga in Karnataka. It is believed that Hari (Vishnu) and Hara (Shiva) as Harihareshvara killed demon Guhasura at this place. The shrine is around 14 km from Davangere and about 275 km from Bangalore. Harihar has a railway station which has connections from Bangalore. The town is located on the Pune-Bangalore Highway (NH4).

The place is also known as Guharanyakshetra. The temple is also known as Sankaranarayana Temple.
Harihareshvara Temple dates back to the 8th – 10th centuries. The murti of Harihar is slightly larger than life size. The murti was disfigured by attackers but was repaired later by devotees.

The murti is four-handed. The two right hands – Trishul and Abhaya. The two left hands – prayogachakra and shankha.

The temple is a huge structural complex. It faces east and measuring about 200 X 100 feet.

The temple complex consists of a sanctum, a vestibule, and a hall with porches in the north, south and eastern sides. The northern portion of the temple has a shrine of Virabhadra facing south.

The temple is noted for its carved friezes, wall sculptures, and aesthetically designed pillars.

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