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For a Detail Understanding of Online Puja – Interview with website Poojas – Which Provides Spiritual Remedies and Spiritual Solutions

I am pleased to post the following interview with a website associated with Hindu Religion – Poojas.in. This e-commerce website provides spiritual remedies and spiritual solutions. Nearly a dozen such portals help devotees in performing puja and rituals. The interview is an attempt to understand the concept of online puja how the services are provided and what all services they provide.

She was kind enough to give a detail explanation on how pujas are performed and the effort they take to make sure they follow the Shastras while conducting the pujas.

Q1) Why a website like poojas.in? How is it beneficial to Hindu clients?
We have been offering services in the spiritual remedies space for over 15 years through the offline mode. An increasing trend in the number of problems of people across the globe, compelled us to go online. Now with our online presence, it has become easy for people who genuinely need spiritual remedies and related services to access and get the right kind of guidance. Right from diagnosing the problems to addressing the problematic areas through remedies we provide end- to - end holistic solutions. Once they come to Poojas.in they can simply forget about all their problems. Our website has been beneficial to all irrespective of their religion. All remedies we suggest are time-tested as they are based on the Vedic scriptures, puranic texts and other Samhithas authored and prescribed by the enlightened Rishis. We have clients from all age-groups, different nationalities as well as religions. Poojas.in works in the spirit of universality - Vishwa - chaitanya - cosmic consciousness.
All believers are welcome.

Q2) How do you provide spiritual solutions? Do you have detailed discussions with the client before deciding on what pooja is needed?
The approach towards each person is according to their need or requirement. Some clients come with a specific problem, say for example - they know they want to offer prayers to boost their finances. They would have browsed Poojas.in and want to get Lakshmi Narayana Hrudaya Parayana done or Lakshmi Kubera Pooja done. So, they come in with a request to get that done and we process that to be done in their name, star and gothra. We send them the prasad after the pooja is performed along with videos of the pooja performed in their name, on WhatsApp.

Second category of clients are those who want to get a reading done for their horoscope and then perform remedies as per need. So, if the horoscope diagnosis indicates that a boost is required to be given to certain planets, we recommend those remedies. Based on horoscope readings we also advise them which form of God they should worship. So, once the client goes through the reading which is self-explanatory, we take it to the next level of implementation of remedies if they choose to do them.
Sometimes we do have clients who are curious about their life and want to test our efficiency, such clients do not reveal anything about themselves to us. They only give us their date, time and place of birth and we go back to them with a detailed reading on their life. Much to their surprise they are delighted and in awe when they read the accurate predictions.

Q3) Do you read horoscopes of clients to find the problems and suggest remedies? What if a person does not have a horoscope or birth time?

Yes for those who have their date, time and place of birth, we do the horoscope reading, educate them which planet handles what portfolio and how the positioning has impacted their life in the past, how it is impacting the present and what to expect from the future. In a reading you can expect to see the core strengths of the individual, weak areas that need to be worked on, potential unexplored areas and the threats (typically like a SWOT Analysis ) So, once we diagnose problems, solutions are recommended. We also tell them by when they can see the impact of implementation of remedies and for how long the effectiveness of the remedies be experienced in their life.

For those who do not have their time of birth, we apply the prashna jataka method or palmistry. We process horoscopes within 24 hours of receiving the details from the client and payment confirmation. Eventually, when a client needs to make an important decision he or she is free to consult us to check if it is going to yield the expected results and if it is in the right direction. Usually our clients approach us for almost every requirement - Whether it is change of job or match making for finding their life partner, moving into a new house, buying a new property, sale of their existing property, venturing into new business, accidents or mishaps, decisions with respect to higher education, wanting to go abroad, invoking divine grace during exam time or sudden health problems - like increase in BP or sugar readings, mental stress, hairfall so on and so forth. We cater to all needs.

Q4) Where do you perform the pooja? - in temples or in a specific location. Who performs the pooja?

As you know, India is a yoga bhoomi blessed with many spiritual centres oozing with divine vibrations. So, consciously, we implement spiritual remedies, in these high - vibration energy fields in different parts of India for various types of poojas.

All navagraha abhishekas are performed in their respective navagraha temples of Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry, the japas are performed by highly qualified priests from Kashi- Varanasi. These are the priests who have attained siddhi in the mantras and have also performed rigorous Sadhana and anushtan of having performed a minimum of 48 Lakhs Gayatri jaap. This is because the spiritual vibration of the location acts as a catalyst in bringing in transformational changes in the client’s life after jaaps are performed. The havans are performed in a dedicated Yagna Shala in Maha Lakshmi Temple in Tamil Nadu.

The idea is to offer the best, most effective and affordable basket of solutions and services to a client. When a client walks into Poojas.in with a problem, he walks out with confidence, clear cut solution/s, relief from all problems and will attain success in all spheres.

Poojas.in is your one-stop for everything to do with poojas. By doing poojas through us a client saves his time, energy and money and still gets the best of everything. He can avoid traveling to different places and stop running from pillar to post. He saves time and money and still get the same effect of having Poojas done through their own personal presence in the yoga bhoomi.

Q 4) Your website takes a fee for performing pooja on behalf of clients. The client is not present. So how effective will be the pooja and how can a client trust that the pooja was performed efficiently. In simple terms why should a client trust you?

We perform poojas with the spiritual identity of the individual. That is their nakshatra, rashi and gotra. The root cause of suffering for a client is his karma. All karma is stored in their nakshatra (it holds all akashic records of our past karmas). That is why, as per our tradition we always identify ourselves with our nakshatra, rashi and gotra before performing any Pooja. Physical presence does not matter. We also invoke blessings of their Kula devata and ishta devata to attain best results.

As mentioned above, the siddhis attained by our priests, their knowledge, expertise, experience and spiritual vibrations of the places where they do the remedies will bring in the desired results to a client.
When we take a look at the horoscope of a client we know how much effort has to be put for him to see considerable or desired results. That is the basis on which our astrologers suggest how many sankhyas jaap has to be performed in case japas are recommended. If homams or yagnas are recommended then, again we advise how many sankhya jaaps have to be performed before Yagna, what ahutis or holy offerings need to be offered, how many avrittis of ahuti need to be offered. In case of abhishekas or parayana - we suggest for how many weeks the abhishekas or parayana or paath needs to be performed.

We also suggest the dates on which the remedies need to be done to attain best results.
Since a lot of these factors are taken into consideration, the clients experience great results.
Upon completion of the Pooja we do send them the Prasadam to their postal address. In case of homams or yagnas we send WhatsApp videos too so that the clients can feel the vibrations of the mantras and derive maximum benefit.
Sometimes a pariharam may not be required and what is required is a correction in attitude. In such cases we advise them to do so - for instance, To have control over temper, worshipping satvik devatas will help.
We suggest sadhana that will help them achieve that state of mind. We suggest what is the best Sadhana they can engage in, how best to go about it, what is required to be done, duration of the Sadhana and other relevant guidance.
The Amount stated for all our poojas and services on website are inclusive of our nominal fee towards the above services we render.

Q5) If a client wants to participate in the pooja how can he/she go about it?
Firstly they need to call us at +91 9880139091 or +91 9740230579 to enrol themselves for the Pooja or even email us at bookpoojas @ gmail.com

Secondly they will have to give us their full name, nakshatra, rashi and gotra and make the payment - dakshina amount for the Pooja to confirm their Pooja.

For those who are not aware of their nakshatra, we perform Pooja taking their identity to be naam nakshatra (nakshatra and rashi dervied from the starting alphabets of the clients’ name) and Kashyapa gotra for those who are not aware of their gotra (This is recommended by the Shastras).

Thirdlly, we draft a detailed sankalpa (prayers and intent of the client) share the same for their inputs and then hand it over to the priests who perform the Pooja.

Lastly, we send them the Prasadam of the Pooja, that they are requested to use to get full benefit.

Q6) There are so many platforms now offering online poojas. How different are you from them?

Expertise: Our in-depth knowledge and experience by being in this path for over 15 years , expertise of the experts who work on the poojas and pariharams, our passion, commitment and firm conviction in the path and the places where we do the poojas differentiates us from others. Our experts are encouraged to contribute in their field only. Aspects that they do not have expertise in, will not be delegated to them. For example a homam expert will only do that, astrologer will only do consultations, a Vedic expert who is a siddhi Purusha does only japas. Also, those on our roster of priests perform japas strictly maintaining brahmacharya and Nishta (Discipline) during the pooja or parihara period. This impacts in achieving faster results for our clients.

Tool for empowerment: Another key differentiating factor is that we educate our clients to use astrology, poojas and related services as a tool to empower themselves rather than make themselves weaker by being over-dependent on it. Once a client performs a remedy we guide them on how to sustain its positive impact in their life, we educate them about our culture, how to make the most of the festivals and other opportunities throughout the year and increase their will power.

Consultations: In a day we process only 20 horoscope consultations per astrologer . This is to facilitate intuitive readings rather than mechanical readings. When our bookings go over 20 consultations per astrologer per day, the rest of the bookings are automatically scheduled for the next day. We do not follow any template for our readings, no “cut-copy-paste” or software generated predictions. All predictions are made from scratch based on what is revealed in the horoscope of a client.

Sankalpa for Pooja: Our sankalpas for each pooja is very detailed and specific. This is what makes it very special to do it through us.

Pricing: Reasonable and affordable pricing for each Pooja is another reason why our clients choose to do the poojas through us.

Q7) So far how is the experience of your clients. How did they react?

Our clients are extremely happy and satisfied. They appreciate the fact that we respect their privacy and do not insist on having their testimonials published unless they themselves wish to make their experience known to the world. They initially approach us as a client, they approach us to grow higher and higher in their life. And given their experience of growth with us they soon become family. They consider us an important family member whom they should consult before making any decision.

Q8) How do you react to people who scoffs off the idea of online pooja?

Poojas.in respects every individual and his/her opinion. We believe in guiding and serving people who have faith and believe in this. Each soul is going through his or her own karmic cycle, till they experience divine timing it is difficult for their mind to accept the concept of poojas and pariharams. People will learn from their own experiences. They have a right to make their own choice. But, everybody is welcome to avail our
spiritual services.

Q9) You are in a nascent stage, how do you plan to take poojas.in forward?

Since we are already present in every nook and corner of the world through our website www.poojas.in, our aim is to make every person realise the presence and power of their soul to make his or her life safe, enriching, blissful and the best.