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Story Of Chitrangada – Daughter Of Vishwakarma

Story of Chitrangda, daughter of Vishwakarma, is found in the Vamana Purana. While once bathing with her friends in a pond, Chitrangada happened to see Prince Suratha. She fell in love with the prince and approached him in spite of the warning given by her friends.

When Vishwakarma came to know about this, he cursed her that she will never be able to marry.

On hear about the curse, Chitrangada fainted. Her friends tried to wake her up but they could not. They thought she was dead and went to inform others.

But Chitrangada soon woke up and found no one around – her friends or her lover. Overcome by anger and sadness, she ran and jumped into Saraswati River. The river did not allow her to get drowned. It carried her and passed it on to River Gomati. The river washed her on the banks near the Ashram of Sage Rtadhvaja.

Sage Rtadhvaja realized her sorry state and cursed Vishwakarma to be born as a monkey. The sage then conducted the marriage of Chitrangada and Prince Suratha.