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Blue Color Flowers in Hinduism as Offering to Hindu Gods

As per Hinduism, blue color flowers should be offered to Shani Bhagavan, Lord Vishnu, Sri Krishna and Goddess Lakshmi. Blue color flowers mainly used are that of Lotus, Aparajita, and Lajwanti. The flowers offered are not often exactly blue but a mixture of blue. Lavendar, pink and violet shades which have slight resemblance of blue are offered as blue color flowers.

As per Hindu astrology, blue color flowers have the power to change the destiny of a person. Offering it to various deities helps in overcoming troubles. It also helps in improving the financial situation.

If a person is having trouble due to Shukra Grah – Shukra in eighth house – then the person should throw blue color flower for 43 days in a river.

Those who are having trouble in marriage related matters like delayed marriage or unexpected delays should bury blue color flowers in a lonely place.

Offer blue color flowers to Mother Goddess Shakti (Durga) on Navami Tithi and then taking them out on Dasami Tithi and floating it on a river is highly beneficial for people doing business.

Those having trouble in horoscope and life due to Shani should do puja of peepal tree on Saturday with blue color aparajita flower and then offer it to Shani Bhagavan.

Offering blue color lajwanti flower to Shani Bhagavan is considered highly meritorious. All problems are solved if one offers the lajwanti flower to Shani. Doing puja to Shani and then offering the flowers in a river also earns merit.

To overcome financial troubles, one can offer blue color flowers to Sri Krishna on Mokshada Ekadasi day.

For attaining wealth, it auspicious to offer blue color lotus to Goddess Lakshmi.

Goddess Tara Devi is also offered blue color flowers to get her blessings.

Offering blue color Aparajita flowers to Shiva helps in overcoming problems.