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Bhadwa Mata Temple near Neemuch in Madhya Pradesh – Famous for Curing Illness

Mother Goddess Shakti worshiped in the Bhadwa Mata Temple near Neemuch walks out of her sanctum sanctorum during the night. She roams around the temple. If her eyes fall on a devotee, then the person will be cured of all illness. Bhadwa Mata Temple is located around 18 km east of Neemuch at Bhadwa Village in Madhya Pradesh.

Bhadwa Mata Temple History

The origin of the temple is lost in antiquity. The shrine in its present form was founded during the rule of the Parmar kings between 10th and 11th century AD. Additions and deletions were done during the 7th, 14th and 15th centuries. During the 17th century, the temple came under the control of Gwalior rulers.

From the 7th century onwards, Bhils have been performing puja here. The present murti of Goddess worshiped in the temple was installed during the 15th century. Some parts of the present temple structure were constructed during the 14th century.

Story of Bhadwa Mata Temple

The original murti of Bhadwa Mata worshiped in the temple is believed to have been that of Ashtabhuja Mahasaraswati – Eight armed Goddess Saraswati. Later this form underwent a metamorphosis and today she is worshiped in the form of Goddess Bhagavati.

The popular belief is that Mother Goddess appeared here to cure her devotees of various diseases. This is a kind and caring form of Mother Goddess Shakti.

The story of the temple is associated with the temple pond here. It is believed that Mother Goddess appeared here along with the pond to help devotees who were suffering from various incurable ailments like small pox, leprosy etc.

Bhadwa Mata Murti

The Bhadwa Mata murti is swayambhu – that which appeared on its own. She is decorated with a huge crown. The striking feature of the murti is the big eyes. In the sanctum sanctorum, at the base of the main murti of Bhadwa Mata, there are murtis of nine Mother Goddess namely Brahmi, Maheshwari, Kaumari, Vaishnavi, Varahi, Narsimhi, Indrani, Shivdatti, and Chamunda.

The subsidiary deities worshiped in the temple are Ganesha, Shiva-Parvati, and Vishnu under the canopy of Sheshnag.

Miracle Pond - Bhadwa Mata Mandir Baawdi

There is a miracle pond in the temple complex known as Bhadwa Mata Mandir ki Baawdi. The popular belief is that having the water from the pond cures various diseases especially skin diseases. Thousands of devotees have had their diseases completely cured after taking bath using the water from the pond.

Due to this miracle pond, the temple is also known as Arogya Teerth.

The holy pond is located on the left side of the temple. Devotees take holy bath using the water.
Sunday is the most important day in the temple.

The temple receives pilgrims from Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Rajasthan.

The important festivals observed in the temple are the Chaitra Navratri (March – April) and Ashwin Navratri (September – October). A nine-day fair is organized during the periods.