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Why is Hanuman the Greatest God of Kali Yuga?

He is Sankat Mochan – one who relieves all the troubles of his devotees. Hanuman worship is on the rise and more and more people are visiting his shrines in the Kali Yuga. There are many reasons as to why Hanuman is the greatest god of Kali Yuga.

One of the five elements fathered him , He flew through one of the five, Crossed one of the five, Found the damsel born to one of the five, and Placed one of the five in the foreign land, May he grace and protect us. (Unknown Tamil Author)

The ‘five’ talked about here stands for the five fundamental elements: Air, Space, Water, Earth and Fire. Hanuman was the son of Vayu, the Air-God. He flew in the sky through space and crossed the Ocean of Water. In Lanka he found the place where the Earth-born Sita was in captivity and he finally set to flames the whole of Lanka.

All Navgrahas are indebted to Him
All the Navgrahas and nakshatras are indebted to him. He has the blessings of them all. Therefore, those devotees who are having trouble in horoscope related to grahas and nakshatras get relief after offering prayers to Hanuman. The best example is the long queue that we see on Tuesdays and Saturdays in Hanuman temples. Those facing trouble due to the bad positioning of Shani in their horoscope get immediate relief after worshipping Hanuman on Saturday. Similarly, those having trouble due to Mangal Grah get relief by offering prayers on Tuesday.

He is Lord of Air
He is Pavan Putra – son of wind. Life on earth depends on air and thus he is one who has the capacity to alleviate ailments. Hanuman is worshiped by devotees for an early cure.

He is Shiva
Hanuman is Rudra Avatar. All forms of fear are removed when one worships this Mahakaal Avatar. Fear of death, ghosts, dark and all other fears perish when Hanuman blesses his devotee.

Constant blessing of Vishnu and Lakshmi
Where Hanuman is present Lord Ram always showers his blessings. Thus a devotee of Hanuman is always protected by Bhagavan Vishnu. Mata Sita is indebted to Hanuman. Thus a devotee of Hanuman gets the blessing of Goddess Lakshmi. Peace and prosperity never leave a devotee who follows Dharma.

Ganesha Will Never Cause Troubles
As Hanuman is Rudra Avatar, the devotee also has blessings of Ganesha. Father of Ganapati is Shiva. Ganesh will never create troubles in the life of a Hanuman devotee.

He Has the Blessing of Mother Goddess Shakti
Hanuman has the blessing of Mother Goddess Shakti for two reasons, firstly he is a Rudra Avatar and secondly during his exploits in Lanka he was asked by Mother Goddess to remove her murti from Lanka. A murti of Goddess Bhavani was worshiped by Ravana and he came to possess the idol after intense austerities. Once Ravana was defeated by Lord Ram, Goddess asked Hanuman to shift her from Lanka. Hanuman is believed to have found her a residence in Jammu and Kashmir. Today she is worshiped as Khir Bhawani.