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Lajja Gauri Story - The Story of Goddess Lajja Gauri Devi

Goddess Lajja Gauri is the shy mother goddess. She is a manifestation of Goddess Parvati and there are numerous stories associated with Lajja Gauri and Lord Shiva. The majority of the stories are folktales and are not found in Hindu scriptures.

Legend has it that once Shiva decided to play a prank on Goddess Parvati. He gave her a blanket for safe keeping.

Shiva then took the form of a mouse and made holes in the blanket.

Goddess Parvati got frightened when she saw the torn blanket.

Shiva then took the form of a tailor and appeared before Goddess Parvati.

She was happy and asked him to mend the blanket.

The tailor said that he could make the blanket look like the original. But he put a condition that would only do the needful if she agrees to make love to him.

Goddess Parvati agreed to it.

In the midst of lovemaking, Shiva dropped his disguise and assumed his own form.

Goddess Parvati felt so ashamed that her head fell down immediately.

Torso of Goddess Parvati came to be known as Lajja Gauri.

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