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Story Asuras And Devas - Help Each Other to Prosper

Once there was an intense debate between Asuras (demons) and Devas (demigods) as to who is the best. Asuras said they were the best. Devas said they were the best. The debate was soon turning out into physical assault. The elders in the two groups decided to stop the debate before an all-out war was declared.

Demons and demigods decided to approach Brahma, the God of creation, to find out who among them is the best.

The question was put before Brahma, who told them that he would give the answer the next day and invited both the parties to have lunch at this place.

A sumptuous meal was prepared, the Devas were invited to dine in the eastern side, and the Asuras were invited to dine in the western side. Both were not able to see each other.

Just before the food was served, Brahma paralyzed the hands of both Devas and Asuras in such a way that the hands were unable to reach the mouth. The hands only could be lifted to a particular height.

Asuras found it impossible to eat the food. They tried all methods to eat. Some ate lying down. They made of mess of the food. They were unable to eat or drink.

Devas too were faced with the precarious situation. After a while, a Deva lifted some food with his hand and fed another Deva. Seeing this other Devas too started feeding the one sitting next to him.

Devas completed the entire meal and appeared before Brahma happy.

Asuras who were unable to eat appeared dissatisfied and angry.

Brahma then told his audience of Asuras and Devas that he has the answer to who is best among them.

Brahma told the gathering that those who only think about themselves will never be happy. They will always be dissatisfied and angry.

But those who think about the welfare of others will always prosper and they are the best.

Help each other to prosper and only those who have this attitude will find peace and prosperity in life.