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Shyama Temple – Darbhanga – Goddess Shyama Temple in Madheshwar campus at Darbhanga in Bihar

Shyama Temple, dedicated to Goddess Kali, is located near the campus of Lalit Narayana Mithila University in Darbhanga in Bihar. The temple part of the Madheswar Campus associated with the erstwhile rulers of the region. Goddess Shyama is another name of Mother Goddess Kali. The temple is an important center of Shakti worship in the region.

The murti worshipped in the temple is unique – it is of Goddess Shyama standing atop Shiva. Mahadev Shiva is lying in the Sadashiva form – calm form.

The murti of Goddess Shyama wears a snake as sacred thread – janeu. The murti is 10-feet high and is adorned with sari and golden crown.

The sanctum sanctorum also has Mahakal Shiva standing in Rudra form, Kartik, Ganesha and Shaligram stone (Vishnu).

There is a huge bell on the east of the main temple. It is used only during the Aarti period. The bell is made of eight metals – Ashtadhatu.

The verandah of the temple is known as Jagmohana and represents the universe. The ceiling of the Jagmohana has several symbols of tantric worship.

Temples dedicated to Goddess Annapurna and Goddess Tara can be found in the campus.

The most important festival in the temple is Navratri.

The prasad distributed in the temple is known as Shyama Bhoga.

The most important offering in the temple is Hibiscus flowers.