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Story of Balakhilyas

Balakhilyas are a group of saints mentioned in Puranas and Hindu epics and they number sixty thousand. They were the sons of Prajapati Kratu and Santati. They were also known as Valakhilyas. The Balakhilyas were only of the size of a thumb but were bright as the sun and had control over the senses.

Balakhilyas are associated with Surya. It is believed that they travel along with Surya in the form of birds.

Balakhilyas are also mentioned in the Ramayana. It is said that they used to perform meditation in the ashram of Vasishta.

There are numerous stories associated with Balakhilyas in Hindu scriptures. One of the most famous stories is associated with the birth of Garuda. It was the result of the penance done Balakhilyas to replace Indra that Garuda was born. Sage Kashyapa minimized this effect by pacifying the Balakhilyas. Thus Garuda overthrew Indra but was reinstated later.