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Eco-friendly Ganesh idols (murtis) made by members of the National Society for Equal Opportunities for the Handicapped, India (NASEOH)

National Society for Equal Opportunities for the Handicapped, India (NASEOH) in Chembur, Mumbai, have been making eco-friendly Ganesh idols (murtis) for the past 8 years. The NGO helps the specially-abled members to make and market the Ganapati idols (murtis) during Ganesh Chaturthi Festival.
Mid-day reports 
This year too, the NGO has started the process of creating the idols for the festival that will be celebrated in mid-September. “Last year, we sold between 70 to 80 idols. There are about 15 students in our pottery and ceramics course, of which four or five are at a stage where they can make a complete idol by themselves. The rest help in creating the idols. We start early in the year as they take a long time to make these idols, and we can’t push them beyond a point. 
We also opt for a head start to get prepared and stock up for orders that might come our way,” informs Yogendra Shetty, Director General at NASEOH.
“Creating these idols gives them immense satisfaction and confidence comes from the knowledge that people are buying what they created,” he explains. The clay idols are eco-friendly and are painted with natural colours. They are created in two sizes — one foot (Rs 750) and one-and-a-half foot (Rs 1,250).

NASEOH India, Postal Colony, Chembur
Email: naseoh@vsnl.com
Call: 25220224