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Thawe Mandir – Gopalganj Thawe Durga Temple

Thawe Mandir is dedicated to Goddess Durga and she is popularly known as Maa Thawewali. The shrine is located at Thawe in Gopalganj District in Bihar. Thawe Durga Temple is around 6 km from Gopalganj town on the Gopalganj – Siwan National Highway. It is believed that the form of Goddess Shakti worshipped in the temple is associated with Maa Kamakhya worshiped in Assam.

Legend has it that Maa Thawewali appeared in the dream of a devotee of her named Rahashu Bhagat and asked him to offer her grass at night which turned into edible rice in the morning. Using this rice Rahashu Bhagat fed the people of the region, which was badly affected by a famine.

The king of region was a terror and he did not like the charity of Rahashu Bhagat and imposed taxes on the people.

When Rahashu Bhagat told the king that Goddess provided the rice he gave to people, he did not believe and asked him to invoke the Goddess before him.

Rahashu Bhagat then invoked the Goddess who appeared with four arms riding on a vehicle pulled by seven lions. Mother Goddess then destroyed the palace and the army and finally she killed the king.

Thawe Mandir is located at the spot where Mother Goddess appeared. Devotees also built a temple dedicated to Rahashu Bhagat. It is believed that the visit to Thawe Mandir will be incomplete without a visit to the Rahashu Temple.

The murti of Goddess Thawewali is black in color. Her eyes are prominent. Only the head of the murti is visible.

Tuesdays and Fridays are the most auspicious days in a week here.

Shivratri, Chaitra Navratri, Shravan Purnima and Sara Navratri are the most important festivals observed here.