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Story of Ramdevji of Ramdevra – Ramdevpir

Ramdevji of Ramdevra is widely considered as a manifestation of Ranchor – Bhagavan Sri Krishna. He is also known as Ramdevpir or Ramsha Pir. The story of Ramdevji of Ramdevra shows us that devotion and faith is above caste, gender and class.

Ramdevji symbolically represents the fierce power of divinity willing to listen to voice of the oppressed.

Ramdevji was born in the royal house of Ajmal, a Rajput feudal king of Pokaran village in Rajasthan. Ramdevji’s father Ajmal prayed for a boy child to Ranchor. He got his wish fulfilled but instead of becoming an heir for the throne, the child took up the life of a Sadhu. He left behind his princely comfort and status.

He moved around singing bhajans and performing miracles for devotees.

Legend has it that once Ramdevji was traveling through a village. It was the day of Raksha Bandhan. Ramdevji came across a young woman belong to the untouchable caste. She was crying. He asked her name and inquired as to why she was crying. The girl told that her name was Dali Bai and she could not tie the rakhi string on Raksha Bandhan as she did not have a brother.

Touched by her humility, Ramdevji told Dali Bai to tie the rakhi on his wrist and by that compassionate gesture, he made her, an untouchable, his sister.

Ramdevji (1352 AD to 1385 AD) worked for the upliftment of the poor and revival of Hindu religion which was under the attack of invaders. He performed numerous miracles during his period and this made him attract followers from various communities.