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Sunderkand in English in pdf – Download Sunderkand Text in English in pdf

Sunderkand is the famous chapter in the Ramayana. Below is the link to Sunderkand in English from Ramcharitamanas. You can download the text in English in pdf. You can read translation of the poem and its explanation. It is believed that reading Sunderkand daily helps in attaining peace and prosperity. The text is provided by Gita Press of Gorakhpur.

LinkSunderkand in English in pdf

Sunderkand, which deals with the heroic deeds of Hanuman, is the most popular of the Ramayan episodes. It contains Hanuman crossing the ocean, Hanuman preparing himself to take the leap across the ocean, the reaction of the mountain, Hanman’s resolve and his taking the leap – the picture of Hanuman in the sky- Mount Mainaka’s offer of resting place – Surasa’s obstruction, the demoness Simhika’s obstruction and Hanuman reaching Lanka.

Then there is Hanuman entry into Lanka at night, Hanuman’s first view of Lanka and his reflections. Hanuman’s decision about his strategm.

What Hanuman saw – the confrontation with the spirit of Lanka – Subdual of the spirit.
The sights that Hanuman saw in Lanka.

Description of moonlit Lanka, scenes of the nightlife at Lanka. His inability to locate Mata Sita. And numerous other episodes. 

The Sunderkand ends with Hanuman meeting Sita and with their conversation and finally Hanuman reassuring Mata Sita.