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Story of Dnyaneshwar and Flying Wall – Changdev Maharaj Pride is Humbled

Sant Dnyaneshwar, also known as Jnaneshwar or Dnyandev, is one of the most popular saints in Maharashtra. One of the famous stories associated with Dnyaneshwar is about a flying wall. The story narrates how Changdev Maharaj’s pride was humbled. Changdev Maharaj was a contemporary of Sant Dnyaneshwar and was popular for his yogic and Tantric powers. The story took place around 1400 years ago.

Sant Dnyaneshwar and two brothers – Nivritti, Sopandev – and their sister – Muktai – were respected for their spiritual powers and knowledge.

Changdev Maharaj wanted to test them. So he sent the siblings a blank paper. Sant Dnyaneshwar wrote 65 verses in the blank paper and returned to Changdev Maharaj. The verses later became popular as Changdev Pasashti – it contains in nutshell the entire teaching of Vedanta.

Changdev Maharaj did not understand what was written on the blank paper he had sent to the siblings.

He thought the siblings were ridiculing him. So he decided to show off his yogic powers. He rode on back of a tiger, wielding a cobra as whip. He wanted to show how powerful he was.

Changdev Maharaj was followed by thousands of people.

The siblings were sitting on a wall when Changdev Maharaj reached them.

To humble the pride of Changdev Maharaj, the siblings patted on the wall and it rose up to fly in the air.

Changdev Maharaj realized that these children were no ordinary beings as they could use an inanimate object as vehicle.

He then became a disciple of Muktai, the sister of Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj.