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Pishachamukteshwar Mahadev – About Pishach Mmukteshwar form of Shiva

Pishachamukteshwar Mahadev is a form of Shiva worshipped in Ujjain. He is one of the 84 Mahadev in Ujjain. As per belief, Pishach Mmukteshwar helps in fear of ghosts and other similar fearful beings. The popular belief is that offering prayers and worship to this form of Shiva will help in overcoming fear of all forms. It is believed that people offering prayers here will never have shortage of wealth. They also get happiness from children.

Pishach Mmukteshwar Mahadev Temple is located at Ramghat on the banks of Shipra River in Ujjain. The temple is part of the Parikrama of Shiva Temples in the holy city.

Pishachamukteshwar is the 68th form of Shiva worshipped in Ujjain and it is also the 68th Shiva temple visited during the parikarama of Mahadev temples in Ujjain.

It must be noted here that Shiva is associated with burial lands. He resides there. He is also believed to be the master of goblins, ghosts and other such beings.

Story of Pishachamukteshwar Mahadev

During Kali Yuga, there lived a man named Soma. He was rich but also ignorant. He insulted gods, did not offer prayers and performed all forms of Adharmic activities. He used to perform violent deeds. He had a painful death and was born in the form of a fearful ghost (pishach).

In this birth, he started terrifying people and killing them.

Once he met a pious man who always followed Dharma. However, when he attempted to scare and kill him, he saw a powerful being protecting him.

He started to run away.

Then the pious man inquired as to why he was running away.

The pishach told him about a powerful being protecting him.

Then the pious man learned from the ghost about his previous life.

The pious man then felt pity for the pishach and asked him to go to Mahakal Van (Ujjain) and offer prayers there.

The fearful ghost then performed holy dip in Shipra River and offered prayers to the Shivling south of Durudheshwar Shivling as directed by the pious man.

With the blessing of Mahadev, the ghost got free of his fearful form and escaped from Pishach Yoni.

It is believed that those who offer prayers to Pishachmukteshwar will have a happy old life and no trouble during death.