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Goddess Kubjika

Goddess Kubjika is a manifestation of Mother Goddess Shakti. This aspect of Devi is closely related to the Tantric worship. An exclusive holy scripture dedicated to the Tantric worship of Goddess Kubjika is known as Kubjikamata Tantra. She is also known as Vakreshwari, Varika or Vakra.

The cult of Kubjika is believed to have originated in the Himalayas. She is mainly worshipped in the Himalayan regions. Nine Natahas is believed to have propagated the cult of Kubjika throughout Nepal and North India. The cult was very popular during the 12the century AD.

For worshippers of Kubjika, She is the Supreme Goddess. She is the brilliant divine light of consciousness that shines in the center of the brilliant radiance. She is the Great Mother present in all animate and inanimate.

Kubjika literally means “humped-back.” Legend has it that Kubjika once decided on union with Pursusha. Purusha then appeared to Her and took hold of Her hand as a prelude to union but She, overcome with apprehension and bashfulness, contracted her body and so became Kubjika.

Today, Goddess Kubjika is worshipped by the Bhutiyas of Almora. Small shrines dedicated to her can be found in the Terai region in India and in Nepal.

Goddess Kubjika is also the tutelary deity of the potter community.