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Bade Mathuradhish Mandir at Kota - Shri Bade Mathuresh Ji Temple at Patanpol in Kota

Bade Mathuradhish Mandir at Patan Pole near Kota is dedicated to Bhagavan Sri Krishna. The shrine is located at Patanpol locality which is around 7 km from Kota Railway Station.

Legend has it that a murti of Shri Mathureshji was moving through Kota and heading towards another place. The chariot carrying the murti was moving through Kota amidst ritualistic chanting. The chariot suddenly stopped in front of the haveli of Rai Dwarakadasji, a minister of the king of Kota.

People tried several ways to move the chariot but it did not move an inch.

Rai Dwarakadasji then offered prayers to Bhagavan Sri Krishna and asked the Lord to reside is his house. The chariot then moved and the murti was enshrined in the Haveli.

The murti to this day is enshrined in the same haveli. The temple follows the rituals of Pushtimargiya.
Sri Krishna is worshipped in his child form here.

This temple is the Pratham Peeth (first seat) of Pushtimarg.

The architecture is similar to the architecture of havelis found across Rajasthan.

The most important festivals observed here are Janamashtami, Nandotsav, Annakoot and Holi Festival.