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Sunderkand in Hindi in pdf – Download Sunderkand Path in Hindi in Full

Sunderkand is the famous chapter in the Ramayana. Below is the link to Sunderkand in Hindi from Ramcharitamanas. You can download the text (path) in Hindi in full in pdf. It is believed that reading Sunderkand daily helps in attaining peace and prosperity. The text is provided by Gita Press of Gorakhpur. Sunderkand which deals with the heroic deeds of Hanuman is the most popular of the Ramayan episodes.

Link to download Sunderkand in Hindi in pdf

Sunderkand comprises of three shlokas, six chhand, 60 dohe and 326 chaupai. Of the 60 dohe, the first 30 pertain to the description  and character of Sri Hanuman and the other 30 pertain to the qualities of Sri Ram.

The word sunder meaning beautiful, handsome, virtuous and good appears in 24 chaupai. Sri Hanuman is the chief character in Sunderkand. Within Sunderkand there are several stories.

Sunderkand exposes several scientific ways and means, techniques and technologies as how to attempt at what appears necessary yet impossible for a layman, and nothing impossible for Maryada Purshottam Rama.

The chapter of Sunderkand is held to be the holiest of the holy Ramayana and thousands of devotees of Rama find strength and solace in daily recitations of this chapter