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Godha Devi – About Goddess Godha Devi

Godha Devi is one of the popular names of Sri Andal. The name Goddess Godha Devi is associated with her appearing from earth at Srivilliputhur. She gets the name as she appeared after splitting the earth.

Godha Devi is the incarnation of Mother Earth, Bhoodevi and is one of the twelve Alwars, great devotees of Vishnu. She is the only female alwar.

Goddess Godha Devi was found in the garden of Periyaalvar. She grew up to be a great devotee of Vishnu and a mystic poet. She is the author of Thiruppavai.

Through her intense and unwavering devotion to Bhagvan Vishnu she attained beatitude and she became the consort of Lord Ranganatha (Bhagvan Vishnu) at Srirangam.

Goddess Godha Devi is one of the best exponents of Bakthi Marga. She is one among the celebrated models of bridal mysticism – moksha through consort like Bhakti Bhava for Vishnu.

Today the divine marriage of Goddess Godha Devi to Bhagvan Vishnu is observed in many temples.